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About Forrest Scott Fencing

Forrest and Carol Ann Scott

My name is Forrest Scott and my father, Coley Scott Sr., first introduced me to the fence business in the early 1980’s. For the first several years in the family business my father taught me the very basics in the fencing business. He made it clear that every small detail makes a big difference and that it did not matter if I was sweeping the floor of the workshop or installing our name onto a newly finished fence. My father taught me to take pride in whatever task I was given and to do it to the best of my ability.

In 1989 my father started to teach me about sales and for the next decade I learned how to sell fences and how to build personal relationships and integrity with our customers. I continued to work for my father until he passed away in September 2004. The next six years I worked as Vice President of the fence business that my father started.

In September 2010 I chose to leave the fence business that my father started so that I can take the time to teach my children the fence business and life lessons that my father instilled within me!

Thank you so much for considering Forrest Scott Fencing as your fence contractor! You can rest assured that your project will be built correctly because we are not just building fences, we are building confidence!