Electric Gates and Controls

Did you know that Forrest has been installing gate openers since 1987 and that he is certified by the IDEA?

With nearly 30 years of installation experience and the IDEA training means that your gate and gate opener will be as safe as it will be functional and dependable.

We prefer to furnish and install Liftmaster products to our residential customers and Viking products to our commercial clients.

There are more than a few safety concerns that Forrest will have to consider when evaluating the price for your gate opener. Likewise, there are several variables and choices that our customers need to consider for the operation of the gate opener.

Below are just a few of the operational questions that should be considered

  • how many “clickers” will be┬áneeded
  • how many times a day will the gate be opened and closed
  • how far away from the house will the gate opener be installed
  • is there a need for keypad
  • is there a need to have an intercom system or telephone entry system
  • is there a need for the gate to automatically open upon exiting the property